Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Dark Wednesday?

****** Dark Wednesday? ****** R a m a n u j a m***

Today started off with an exam that gave me the creep
Though, for this, I had sacrified yesterday's sleep
When I had analysed the options for my future
Somehow took this elective on financial options and future
Because of the exam's peculiar Nature
In the exam hall, I was left being a head scratcher

It was like moving from the frying pan into the fire
when the marketing class came so near
Just when I thought, for the day, this is the end of showbiz,
the marketing prof shocked me with a surprise quiz
In no mood, I still made a few guesses
Which were good only to be called close misses

By the time the next class started rolling
My brain had stopped functioning
Without much interest I made my physical presence
Though my mental condition was a deep trance

Frustu with all these, I decided to sleep early today
So that tomorrow will turn out to be a better day
I would have succeeded in my resolution
Had the badminton court not fallen into my line of vision

After few(!) hours of baddy
I got engaged in a friend's birthday party
Other friends were acting naughty
But the b'day chap was really sporty
With all happiness, I wished him Hearty

Now at 3:00am I am recollecting the day's events
And put them in paper without any dents
So that I can look back at this later
And feel happy about these moments that matter

******************* R a m a n u j a m ************



Blogger Heidi Kris said...

ahh ram kavidai kavidai !! :)

13 January, 2005 13:09  

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