Sunday, January 30, 2005

The Goal

I found this poem while digging into my desk today afternoon. I had written this one during the 3rd trimester, which is arguably the toughest term that I've had till now. Albeit I don't remember the exact instance when I wrote this poem, the stress of the term is visible in the verses, though with some amount of exaggeration. The poem is about the pains taken to accomplish our goals and what lies thereafter. Maybe the inspiration came from leaving a cozy IT job and plying to enter the corporate jungle through a struggle in a b-school.

** The Goal ****** R a m a n u j a m ***
The wait is about to end
Once more I stare at the bend
The way ahead is new
Fresh tracks to take, I see thru the dew

Looking back at the road that's about to end
I ask myself, "Is this what I intend?"
Struggle, pain, and raw grit
Few things I used to reach the summit

Are they worth the sequel?
Yes, I'm achieving my goal
To put-on the new role
So, what?
Then, what?
A new struggle? A new bout?
Taking pain for more pain is my plight
I've been fighting only for more fight

The life that I've missed
The stress that I've kissed
Days that never led to nights
Deadlines that never evaded the tights

All for what?
My brain cells are getting clot
Standing in the verge of success
I wonder, Is a goal really the goal?
************** R a m a n u j a m *****



Blogger Govar said...

Well, there are a lot of poets around in PGP2!!

31 January, 2005 11:09  
Blogger Jammy said...

Govar, Who are the others?

31 January, 2005 11:13  
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