Saturday, February 19, 2005

Emotional Fool

I wanted to write something better, but my brain is clogged with too much of emotions.....

As the final few days are moving fast
I stand here, motionless and thoughtless
Feelings are overcoming my stoical side
My heart is beating slower
My Brain is absorbing the moments of the present

The slow movement of the trees
Their response to the slender winds
Reminding of the wonderful times

Mountains surrounded by clouds
Still and emotionless
They are sober for my leaving?

The sound coming from the glass door
That, till yesterday sounded like a ghost's shriek
Now seems to be a cry for my absence

I entered this place seeking challenges
To change the path of my life
That was idling so calm

Seldom did I think, that
the immediate effect of the tornado
Does not even come close to the aftermaths.
Etched memories that make me feel weak

Friends, whenever you were happy
Your smiles caught onto me
At this moment of departing
I see tears dribbling from your eyes
Happiness of placements?
Or sorrow of leaving this campus?
I don't know why they are out of your eyes
But I feel them in my cheeks too



Blogger Govar said...

Well Ram, wish u the very best in life... and keep writing. :)

19 February, 2005 09:00  
Blogger Sunu said...

hey jam :)
phustly thankx for puttin my blog as a link in yours ;)
yep also lovely poem!
u do write well :)
below i pasted a poem i wrote in the comments box of one of my friends blog who also wrote on similar lines :)
was an impromptu poem so dont mind :P

Down the memory lane

Yesterday- when i look back
i give myself a smile
what pleasant memories
that make it worth a while

sit there nostalgic
thinking of all things old
oh yes they were fun
and can be a zillion times retold

footprints in the sand
i hear that old familiar tune
takes me down memory lane
to graduation day- that june!

old days were old days
complete carefree with all bliss
but until i move tomorrow past them
i wont realise their worth which i'd miss

19 February, 2005 22:31  

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