Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Je m'appelle Ramanujam

If you were a shrewd person, you would have noticed by now that this blog has different names of me in different places - the blog itself has the name "Ramanuj", the posts are signed "Jammy", one post says "Ram, ki jaana maen kaun", and the headers of the poems say "Ramanujam".

Ofcourse except Jammy, every other name is an integral part of Ramanujam. Jammy is what some of my friends in undergraduation used to call me because my name ends with "Jam" and the Dravid ad "Jam, Jam, Jammy" was pretty famous during that time.

My name has been dissected in so many ways that I've lost count. It seems my name is more than a mouthful for quite a few. I am called Ram/Rama in NorthIndia and abroad as the name is not superfluous in these places. But whenever I'm addressed by people from the South, its one of the many forms including Jam, Jammy, Ramjam and Anuj.

Well, who cares. I would respond to whichever form you might use to call me, and more than that, I really like my name :) Hope both mathematician Ramanujan and Acharyan Ramanujacharyar don't mind.


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