Friday, March 25, 2005

Year Book

The memories of college life are etched to our minds. But just in case, we need something to kindle all those memories, we have our wonderful yearbook. The yearbook team has done a fabulous job with the design and contents. But still, I have one personal reservation with the book. The poem that I wrote especially for the yearbook has been missed out Couple of my other poems have been published, but still I would have preferred having this particular poem in the year book. This poem is an honest attempt at reproducing most of our IIMI experiences. I am sorry for all my non-IIMI readers who will not be able to associate with the stanzas.

As our IIMI chapter is closing pretty fast
Its time to recollect the past
The past 2 years
That set our life into high gears

Let’s step back and gaze
Remnants from the day we entered this maze
When, except our hostel, most was empty space
Think about the changes we brought into this place

The initial shock was with the sex ratio imbalance
More followed with certain *********'s brilliance
Early morning routine was a rumpus
Only to fly to the old campus

We adored the clouds flock
That added beauty to the acad block
Enjoyed organizing IRIS and Utsaha
Laughed at "Indore student" and "bahut hua"

We've had memories of multiple layers.
The Diwali, Holi and Janmashtami prayers
TT, baddy and volley players
The birthday kickers,
And the marketing research surveyors
We wouldn’t forget the hostel blocks
Artistic Armageddon, Beautiful Bee-block
Charismatic chaos in lost world
And the decorous dementors

Before us, IIMI was in close observation
The new kid was looked with anticipation
We have now changed this insti's perception
With prizes in external competition
Cracking summers adding extra projection
The first IIM business magazine creation
All, leading to the IIM Indore's glorification

Through this poem of rhyme
Am recollecting our life's prime
Thoughts that are sublime
Memories for a life time
Best wishes from Ramanujam



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