Sunday, January 16, 2005

Yehi hai right choice baby, utsAHA!!!

There has been a buzz in campus throughout the past couple of days. It's the marketing fair conducted by IIM Indore called utsAHA. More details about the fair can be had from

My friends are working hard to make utsAHA a success. Well, yours truly is not one of those hard working guys. After last year's experience in a research team of Utsaha, I decided to rest this year, and help if and only if needed. That iff statement was satisfied only for few minutes yesterday when I had to assist some guys. Otherwise it has been a cool and lazy Utsaha for me - just being a witness to the events happening around.

I have been dearly lacking utsaha (the literal meaning and not the fair) over the past month. I don't know what has made me so lazy. Maybe the fact that my academic career is going to end in about a month from now? Or maybe coz I am not participating in the lateral placement process which is the center of attraction these days? Or maybe I have found too many ways to waste time? I don't know the reason and actually, don't wish to find out. The immediate action is to have a shift of gears and start moving. Laziness is not something that I am generally associated with and I don't wish to have new associations like these


Blogger Govar said...

Blog onnu eluthi thanakku thaane padichukkaratha plana? Engalukku ellam oru announcement kuduthu athukku oru treat kudukkarathu illaya? ;-)

22 January, 2005 11:32  
Blogger Jammy said...

Beta version thaan launch pannirkaen. I'll send a proper invitation after delta;)

22 January, 2005 12:27  
Blogger Govar said...

INvitation, followed by a treat. :)

23 January, 2005 03:21  

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