Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Secret in Their Eyes - Movie Review

A movie review after a long time. This one is worth it. 

The story is not that complicated and is excellently narrated. The intertwining of two different periods has been handled with élan. The ending, for once, is something that I will call fair.

The storyline is fresh. A retired judge/investigator writes a novel to avoid feeling unimportant. The novel is a recount of a real case that the protagonist had investigated - a brutal rape and murder. The past is shown to us as the novel is being written, and as the author tries to find direction for his novel. An investigator who is committed to finding the truth, the kin of the victim who wants a fair result, a senior officer who falls for the investigator, a drunk colleague who keeps finding trouble, are the primary characters. Some of the other characters also lend color to the script, which flows like a tender stream tending towards a waterfall - elegant and powerful.

The movie has suspense, mild love, vengeance, villainies and a bit of time travel for the audience. Well worth the watch and the dollars that my friend spent online to buy it.



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