Sunday, March 01, 2009

LCD TV - US to India

Based on my quick research (googling), following are some of the things to be considered in buying an LCD TV from US for use in India

  1. US uses NTSC and India uses PAL: Options to solve this
    a. Buying a PAL to NTSC converter
    b. Having a VGA box. Dish TV in India provide a package with a VGA Set top box and it seems to work fine. All that is to be done is to check whether the TV has a PC Input option (VGA input).
    c. Connect the video source to an external TV Tuner box. From the TV Tuner box connect to any of the input sockets on TV other than the cable input (RF). This is the best possible way since the Remote provided by the Tuner box can be used to change channels.
    d. Other methods include using a DVD recorder with built in Tuner (PAL Tuner) and then connecting the cable directly to DVD Recorder, taking the output from DVD recorder to the TV. However, in this method the channels cannot be changed that easily.
  2. 220V in India Vs. 110V in US
    a. Need to buy a step-down transformer for the TV
  3. Warranty: Need to check if the warranty is international
  4. Transportation:
    a. Possibility: It is not possible to carry the TV from US to India. Need to check if the manufacturers will ship it. Amazon and Walmart don’t seem to ship outside USA.
    b. Cost of shipping the TV
  5. Customs: I heard that new TVs are charged at 30% of their price. Not sure if this is true.
  6. 1080p Vs. 720p: This is resolution (like the mega pixels for digicams). The question is, would we need 1080p for the transmission in India. I believe 1080p is more for blue ray discs. The next question is, how soon will the blue ray technology come to India?
  7. Deciding on the screen size:
    a. For 20 to 27-inch displays, you should be able to watch comfortably from 2.5 to 5 feet away.
    b. For 32 to 37-inch TVs, you should sit back 6 to 8 feet from the screen itself.
    c. For 42 to 46-inch TVs, you'll need 10 to 14 feet between you and the screen.
    d. 50-inch LCD displays look best when viewed from 12 to 16 feet away.



Blogger sathish said...

very good research....informative post. i have been thinking a while about this.

30 June, 2009 17:48  
Blogger Gagandeep Singh said...

Nice reserach. Hope it had more on shipping methods and customs..

11 September, 2009 10:10  
Blogger imran said...

good information, ramanujam

21 February, 2010 01:32  
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