Saturday, January 22, 2005

Exams and Cribbing.....the saga continues

Popular belief is that the students who waste their time throughout the term will slog before the exams and so, will not have much time then. As in so many cases, I seem to be an exception here too. Look at this, I practically had just one assignment between Jan 16 and today, and I haven't updated this blog between the aforesaid dates. Now, am writing this blog just as the exams approach. For more on my exam eve predicament check out Exam Eve
Talking about exams, 3 of them are scheduled for Tuesday. Yes ladies and gentlemen, you heard me right.... the number is 3/three. Well, I've graduated from cribbing about back-to-back exams on consecutive days, to cribbing about 3 exams on a single day. Now that's what I call a post-graduation ;)
Cribbing aside, the one good thing about studying in an autonomous college is that you can raise your concerns easily. So have I done about the exams. Hoping that atleast (!) one of the exams gets postponed.


Blogger Govar said...

And you xpect a change? You must be kdding!

23 January, 2005 03:22  

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