Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Last Anthem

His vision started to render
Scenes that made the heart tender
How can the mind help
Do anything but meander?

The bad and the good
He saw whatever he could
He would have leaped ahead
If only he could

In his life set the sun
It was over, all the fun
In the moment he bore thoughts
A ton of thanks to everyone

God, for me you cared
Friend, for me you dared
Thank you all the people
With whom a moment was shared

All the struggles he bore
Vanished as the last tear dried of the core
No more sorrows and no more worries
For the material did not hold him anymore



Blogger Enlightened Soul said...

What is it about?

25 January, 2009 14:53  
Blogger Jammy said...


26 January, 2009 18:47  

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