Thursday, February 23, 2006

Are you Educated?

They keep their cubicle clean and
Dirty the streets

They walk with grace in their work place and
Barge through people in the trains

They tip the waiter in hundreds in front of friends and
Feel happy bargaining for a single Rupee with the grocery vendors

They remark "How unclean this country is" and
Just contribute to the dirtiness of their environment

They give lectures on how to improve India and
Evade from paying their taxes

These are the uneducated literates.

Checkout Swas explaining the difference between literacy and education .

Also, if you can read Tamil, checkout Pradeep’s view on people being dishonest and producing false rent receipts to evade taxes.


Blogger Jam said...

Hey Jammy,

There are lots of these so called "uneducated literates" floating around, more so in the so called premier institutes of India. God only knows when this situation is gonna change.


24 February, 2006 09:10  
Blogger Rising...... said...

In america, it is even higher dude..cos I am facing those ppl every day in work,shopping acquaintences etc thanks to the good friends I have in my home...
Ppl think riding a corolla is more important than returning to the country who made what you are....

01 March, 2006 16:35  

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