Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Bollywood - Believing the Legal System?

I wrote sometime back that there is no news on the Salman Khan case and he seems to have evaded justice using his contacts. As the justice department has proved, I was wrong. The Bollywood star has been sentenced for a year of imprisonment. Justice prevails? May be; May be not. Industry experts opine "Salman will go in appeal against the judgement and the matter will drag for years together" (Source: Hindustan Times)

Couple of things that bother me -
1) The "confidence" shown by the industry experts on our judicial system
2) The fact that new movies were started with Salman when the case was still in court

I hope no one would object when I say that films are nothing but another form of business. Like any business, the motive behind films is to make profits. Like any business, the people behind films will play their cards with market sentiments in mind. Then why, unlike other business minded people, did these people put their money over disputed property? I'm no big Bollywood buff, but I can see around that Salman is not the brightest star around. The why bet on him given that he has a court case that might prevent him from acting in the movie?
Confidence in our legal system? Or confidence in the power of money?


Blogger meghjanmi said...

both..jammy!!our judiciary system is excellent but what can be said abt the advocates who look for'loopholes' and those who sell justice for money..the only solution is personal honesty..a constant feeling that you are answerable elsewhere...

21 February, 2006 17:00  

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