Monday, February 26, 2007

Snowy Times

It has been an eventful weekend considering my penchant to stay at home and celebrate laziness. On Saturday I was to help a colleague "P" in doing a half-a-day presentation. I woke up as usual, got ready as usual, and left the room as usual. But nothing after that was usual. The apartment door seemed to be reminding me of my need to visit a gym. But then, it actually reminded something else.... the heavy snow predicted by the weather men. The snowfall had been heavy enough to have the snow in the ground raise and block the door from opening. Anyways, the rice and dal cooked by my roommates for the previous night did have some effect on me and I prevailed over the door. The next step was to take about 50 steps to reach the road from where I would get my ride. My first step went into the snow... a bit too much inside for my comfort. Then the sight of few patches of non-snowy areas brightened me up. I felt that the snow might be slippery and the clear patches might provide me a safe route. The next step that was supposed to lead me to safety out of the slippery snow turned out to be the contrary. I am still not sure, but recollecting the way the patch shined it would not be a bad guess to state that it was ice. I guess you can imagine what would have happened. Well let’s just state that there were more parts of my body that were in contact with the ground. Anyways, a 7:40 am start meant that there were no kids (or girls) around to laugh at the incident. I gathered myself and made a conscious decision to keep away from the "safe" patches and into the snow. A colleague came to pick me up and, after his car came to a slipping stop in front of me, there were no incidents till we reached the presentation hall.
A week back "P" and I had discussions over the best laptop to buy among HP Pavilion, IBM Lenovo, and Sony Vaio. P kept insisting on Vaio and I still ended up buying HP. P is a proud owner of a Vaio, but fate struck when his laptop failed to start before the presentation. We were not carrying the presentation by any other means, and his lappy did not give even give a blinker of hope, literally. It had no sign of life. The minutes that followed were filled with plans B to Z that we never thought of earlier. Let me keep the specifics to myself and just say that the presentation went fine. And yes, breakfast and lunch also were fine. Can't help mentioning them as they were the second set of things that motivated me to the Saturday presentation. Oh, by the way, P's laptop started functioning at 2:30 pm. That's when we ended the presentation.
I spent the rest of the day with my own laptop trying to figure out as to how a windows file got corrupted in it. The good news is that the system is working now. The bad news is that it does not have any more of the contents that I put in it. Ofcourse, it was a conscious decision to chuck away my unfruitful attempts of repairing the system, and to revert it back to factory settings.
This blog has become big with just Saturday's happenings. I guess the Sunday events wouldn't mind waiting till tomorrow to enter the virtual world.



Blogger Ram said...

Jammy- it's sleet! remember Priya in my story? :P - walking on the snow is the safest bet, if you have a pair of shoes for the course that is.

26 February, 2007 02:45  
Blogger Vetty Max said...

Have always wanted to see snow in person, but people always kept telling that snow is a actually a big pain, now I know why.

26 February, 2007 04:34  
Blogger FidoDido said...

dude... where are u thses days? snow and all???

28 February, 2007 12:27  
Blogger Jammy said...


Nothing special about snow. I guess we are attracted towards it coz we don't get it in our home towns.


28 February, 2007 19:34  

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