Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sports Center

Waking up at 3 in the morning was worth it. Tsonga played an awesome game to demolish Rafa in the semis of the Australian open. This is the first time I saw Tsonga and it seems he has a very physical game dependent on his powerful serves and good forehand. But whatever his normal game plan is, he better have a backup as he would face either Federer or Đoković in the final. Today’s match was against my expectations. I was expecting Rafa to thrash Tsonga, but it happened the other way around. I am expecting a closer match tomorrow between the in-form Đoković and the scratchy Federer. But the king is a big match player and I expect him to change gears in the semis. However…I’ll be supporting Đoković. Monopoly is bad in any form, and Fed’s monopoly on Tennis needs to end.

In cricket, some of the buyers of IPL teams have come as great surprises to me. I expected Mallya and Ambani to buy teams, but not corporates like GMR and India cements. SRK and Ness Wadiya were minor surprises, but nothing to throw me off. It is interesting to see so many people having faith in cricket reaping profits. May be we should list and trade these IPL teams to get BSE back on track!

With the possible delay in my return trip to India, I guess I might get to watch the Super Bowl. Go Pats!



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