Monday, January 24, 2005

My Heart Goes On

My heart's desire did get satisfied. No, this is not about any love story. This is about one of my exams getting postponed. That too the toughest of the 3 got postponed indefinitely. Now I am "supposed" to have more time to concentrate on the other 2 exams for tomorrow.

On the other side of exams, the lectures of one more of my subjects got over today. I have always hated these moments of truth where you bid adieu to someone or something. Whenever a course ends, I get a bad feeling that I could have done better justice to the subject. To add to that, I feel strange towards loosing contact with another person - the professor. Visiting faculties (VF) always give a departing speech which makes you get senti. I have met VFs who don't teach well, and who can't teach well. Even for these people I feel the same way. Afterall, they put in the effort to come here and teach us. Consider the fact that teaching is not the source of living for most of these VFs, and that the monetary reward of teaching would be peanuts for them. I do feel bad that I'm loosing contact with a person who tried to enlighten us with his/her knowledge...... though I'm not sure if I got any closer to being enlightened.


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