Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Return on Investment

The exams are over, atleast for the time being. This time, for a change, I approached the exams without much tension. Over the years I have spent my after-exam times being dejected over a performance that didn't do justice to my efforts. This time I'm not feeling bad, either because I have not done too badly, or because I didn't put in much effort. Anyways, the ROI (Return on Investment) for my time spent on studies will surely be better than before!!!

The next 5 days look pretty cool with just 3 classes scheduled in them. Ofcourse I have couple of projects to complete, and there will be many PPTs (Pre Placement Talks) to attend. But still I will take some time off to bask in the happiness of completing couple of exams.

hmmmm. I guess I have bored you enough with this exam talk. Let me see what happens for the republic day few hours from now and post something more interesting.


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