Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Bang Bang Bang

It's nice to be back in Bangalore. After all those senti good-byes in IIM Indore, it still feels great to be back home. Can't really say that I missed home as it has just been 3 months, and I have had nothing much to do in Indore except freaking-out. A time in life to remember, and a time now to think forward. With a month to go before I join for work, there is a lot of time in hand. Good old "The Hindu" feels as good as ever. Some respite from the TOI and ET that I used to browse through in Indore. Not that they were bad papers, but I do like a non-masala, non-specialized newspaper, and I've grown-up with The Hindu.

I used to hate these 30+ hour travels, but it wasn't that bad this time. Maybe I've got used to traveling, or maybe I had good company this time. The Business worlds and India today that Harish got with him were also helpful in passing the time. There is also one more way we spent time. Believe it or not, we were discussing marketing research. I don't know how, but we did end-up with these subject oriented discussions. Guess we are now addicted to looking at things differently.

More than Indore, I do miss Chennai and Nanganallur, my home for 20 odd years. The plan to visit Chennai this weekend sure excites me and I'm looking forward to that trip. Hope I can find a few known faces back there. But for the next few days, it's Bang, Bang, Bang.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool daa...
When you back from N'nallur?


24 February, 2005 05:45  
Blogger Sunu said...

hey ya :)
welcome to bang bang bang bang bang galore

25 February, 2005 23:07  

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