Sunday, February 20, 2005

I'll Miss U

It's my last few hours in this campus. It was very difficult to pack my goods today morning when I wanted to just be with my friends and do some "bakkar". Seems some of the guys got totally sentimental in yesterday's party. As always, I left the party early yesterday. This college has changed me a lot, but hasn't been successful in making me enjoy a party, or even make me dance.
Today is also my last day with this computer which has been with me for over 7 years. I have upgraded it over the years with only the CPU cabinet and monitor resisting change. But now it's time to depart from this last remembrance as well.
I will miss my batch mates, my juniors, my computer, the 24*7 internet connection, and whatever I'm leaving behind. But most of all, I will miss u IIM Indore

Ok, that's somewhat over-exaggerated. Will meet everyone again during convocation, and given the fact that most of us will be in Mumbai/ Bangalore, we'll keep bumping at each other once in a while


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