Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Farewell Party

The juniors gave us a good farewell party yesterday. The evening was filled with laughter and happiness with people ruminating over the past couple of years in this institute. What a time we have had!!! Starting from the high tension first year where we even had intra-group fights, to the current time when everything's chilled out. From the time when we used to catch the morning bus to reach the old campus, to the time when we had a "dharna" and moved to this scenic locale. With the PowerPoint presentation prepared by the PGP1 guys taking us back to those nostalgic moments, all of us felt the togetherness with which we have achieved whatever has happened here.

An outsider might not understand the true feeling of this post. If one thinks that we were just another of those batches of an IIM, then he/she is mistaken. Being the first batch to step into the new campus, we had to fight for every single thing. Be it the steps to reach the academic block (some guys had injured themselves during the trek sessions to reach the acad. block), or the shifting of campuses itself. It’s been a good learning experience. We learnt the hardship involved in change management even before it was taught in class.

Back to the farewell party, all of us were called on to the stage with some reference/ pet name and given memorabilia. Yours truly was addressed with the lines - "My mother would have been proud if Ram were her son. We still don't know who your girl friend is Ramanujam". Sounds bizarre? Even most of my friends here couldn't understand it. First of all, there is no relationship between the two statements, except that they have been copied from my testimonials in orkut. The first statement was made by a friend (Balaji) in appreciation of my principles like no copying, no non-veg, no proxies etc. The second one was made by another friend (Rajesh) just to pull my leg. Rajesh seems to have succeeded in making some people think that I have a GF. Well, the only way that this could affect me is, if a prospective GF thinks that I already have one. But when I am not trying for anyone, why should I care?


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