Sunday, February 06, 2005

The Pain of Idleness

For a bunch of students who cribbed for 1.75 years over the stress and strain of MBA, the past one week has been a change.... a change they never expected to face this way. Yes, my dear friends, the paladins against stress can't take a single week of idleness. Sounds bizarre? Well, I am seeing and feeling it here. Without much to do in the last couple of days, my head has changed its direction of rotation twice in as many days.
I went to the library to take some book to pass time. Guess what I found - I'm no more interested in those 'non-value adding' novels!!! Took a book on Wall Street and came back. Now don't feel like reading it as it is very much like the books that I've been reading over the past 2 years. I need a break, don't I?
Couple of hours of browsing in the net without direction has reduced my liking for the World Wide Web. Is this what we studied as the law of diminishing marginal utility?
Maybe I should utilize this time by performing a SWOT analysis on myself... err I meant having an introspection. Did I actually succeed in moving from abstract conceptualization to actual experimentation?
OMG, whatever happened or not, I sure have been caught in this net of b-school jargons. I'm now contemplating if I will be able to communicate effectively with others


Blogger Govar said...

He he. Exactly. With loads to read everyday, even magazines and regular newspapers have become a bore. All of us need a change. Lest, I'd forget the fun in reading, which I found before coming here.

07 February, 2005 15:10  

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