Saturday, February 12, 2005

Parting and Departing

The first couple of guys left IIM Indore in the past few days. At the first strike of sun on the 10th, Arun became the first person to leave this campus for good. He had a silent departure with me and Bhasky seeing him off at the college itself. Well, not much of a feeling for me as I'll keep meeting him in Bangalore. The guy stays about 10 minutes from my house. Paresh had a better departure with a farewell separately for him on the eve of his departure. Though I missed his farewell because of sleeping early that day (gosh, 1 am is now too early to sleep!!!), I got the feel when other friends explained the happenings the next day. Still, I made it to the railway station to see Paresh off. The guy had a DDLJ kind of sendoff with MP running behind the train that had started, and passing Paresh's suitcase to him. If only I could have taken a snap of the moment!

The guys leaving early are getting a nice farewell by those leaving late. But what about us when we leave? We would then be one among the crowd and no one is going to feel separately for us. That's the trade-off we have to face for the gain of staying here and enjoying the last few days of college life and the nostalgia of the past years. Having completed all my exams, classes, and having a PPO (Pre-Placement Offer) since what seems like eternity, I am still in this lovely marooned hill-top only to ruminate and enjoy the years that have changed the course of my life.

In addition to the memories with my batch-mates, I have good retentions from the interactions with my seniors and juniors. Talking of juniors, the junior Tam gang gave us a farewell treat yesterday. Though some might term this as regionalization, it’s always nice to talk to people in your mother tongue, and discuss the stories of what happened back home. None of the other guys will understand our blabber about the variations in Tamil, Koundamani n Senthil, or even the lovely Besantnagar beach.

All is fine that ends fine. But when it’s not the end but the approach to the end, damn I do feel for parting and departing.

P.S. The term "Lovely marooned hill-top" has been copied from a mail from my friend Tarun. Couldn't help but adore the way he put it.


Blogger Jam said...

Hey Ram or Jammy as you'd like to call yourself,

Am one of those stupid juniors who's gonna miss having you around campus. That lanky tall figure of yours with that stupid, innocent smile of yours is surely a sight for sore eyes. Thx for all the lovely memories saar.


12 February, 2005 12:28  

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