Sunday, February 13, 2005

Let's talk movies

In a striking change from our usual time in this campus, we don't have any assignments to swallow our nights. That has made some of us fill the gap with movies. Though I don't have any distinct interest in movies, it's been a nice time-pass over the past week. The list of movies I've viewed include "The Butterfly Effect", "Frequency" and "The Others". The remaining are all Tamil movies. To have some revelation from my usual nostalgic blogs, maybe we can discuss these movies.

The butterfly effect is about the sensitive dependence of results on initial conditions. A small change in the initial conditions could have a huge impact in the final result due to something like an avalanche effect. The difference between an avalanche effect and a butterfly effect seems to be that the avalanche effect requires the change to be drastic enough to cause a significant impact (Inputs from physics majors are atmost welcome). Coming back to the movie, it has been narrated pretty well. The initial scenes which confuse us, the mid-segment which links and clarifies all the earlier happenings, and the remaining part which takes us along with it, all make the movie a good one to watch.

"Frequency" is a bit similar to "The Butterfly Effect" (TBE) in that both involve attempts to change the past. But unlike TBE, this movie does not involve.... well, I don't want to spoil your fun. Go watch the movies to spot the difference. To me, frequency is good, but not as good as TBE. Still, it’s very much worth watching.

"The Others" is a horror movie which failed to scare me that much. Albeit the guys who saw the movie along with me seemed to like it, the movie was a bit too slow to my liking. Ofcourse, I would agree on the fact that the movie has a good ending which gives some respite to the earlier slow narration.

Well, that’s that. Hope my views on the movies were atleast a tad interesting. But with my level of interest on movies, I guess there wouldn’t be any more reviews to follow.


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