Tuesday, February 15, 2005

V-day Tests

It's always a pain making repeated visits for the same reason. More so if it is for something related to doctors and medicine. I have been visiting this clinic for the past few days to get some formality-sake medical tests done. The company which gave me a PPO has asked for varied tests like X-ray, blood, urine, HIV (!) and ECG. The first issue is that the clinic suggested by the college doctor is in a place called Annapoorna, which is not so near from this campus. The second issue is that some of the tests have to be taken with an empty stomach, and some after having food. That literally translates to multiple visits to the clinic. Add onto that the fact that I have to visit them again to collect the reports.
Okay, I accept that I am cribbing too much for a nothing job. But then, when the expected results aren't that big, the propensity to put efforts reduces.
The good part is that I am now a medically certified normal person. Nice to know that my heart is functioning properly on the valentine's day. But then, that was always expected.
The much hyped-about v-day went on without any significant happenings. I didn't hear any slipper-shots, and neither have I seen any guy with a slap-mark on his face. Maybe people are maturing


Blogger Sunu said...

hahahaha nice to know u'r normal jam ;)
lol... so a quiet v day eh...

maybe women slap with gloves on to like prevent the hand marx or maybe men wear make up and cover them... hmm and slipperz maybe just outta fashun and the call for the day would be sneakers that dont make noise... hmmmm think about it ;)

16 February, 2005 00:19  

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