Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Windingup the Deferrals

Finally, 5th term is over!!! Hold-on, am I not in the 6th trimester of this management course? Yes, that's true. But due to some unavoidable (!) reasons, some of my 5th term subjects were postponed to the 6th term. No friends, I did not keep arrears in any of the subjects. These are genuine postponements done by the college authorities.

The main reason behind the postponement of most of the subjects was the scheduling issue with most of the visiting faculties wishing to take classes only in the weekends. There were also the one-off cases like the O&F prof's mother expiring, and hence his inability to take classes as scheduled earlier.
Talking about O&F, that's the subject that got over yesterday. I have already written about the way the O&F quizzes went. The end-term was a bit different in that I still am not sure whether I wrote it well or not
Anyways, the main thing is that the exam is over and so is my 5th term. I was lucky in that just about 8 of my 5th term credits got added to the 6th term. There are people for whom this number is even bigger, and are still studying those subjects. God help them


Blogger Heidi Kris said...

jammy.. Congrats for u having completed ur 5th sem successfully :)..and All the best for ur last one .. aparam enna unaku happy indrumudal happynu padavendiyadhu dhan...:)

hey ur goal poems is good yaar...yup able to feel the pain in the verses..irundalum sivaji rangeuku ipadi feelings kotirka :P ;)...good one :)

01 February, 2005 07:18  
Blogger Jam said...

Dei Raamare,

Kalakkare po. Ur posts seem to attract the most bizarre names.


01 February, 2005 08:04  

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