Thursday, February 03, 2005

Clean and Snap

It's been quite sometime since I decided to capture some part of this scenic institute in a camera. To put the decision into action, I borrowed Arun's camera and looked for a starting point.
What better place than my own den? But the den was so cumbersome. Thus started project RC (Room Cleaning). I arranged my books that were lying in the table, neatly in the rack. My clothes found temporary relief in either the washing machine, or the bureau. The loose papers were either filed or thrown away. Ah! My room is ready for the cleanest room contest. Am still puzzled as to how some guys (very few though) manage to maintain their rooms like this throughout the year.
Oops! I had spent so much time cleaning the room that I didn't have much time to take snaps. In a hurry I captured the digital image of the photo of Lord LakshmiNarasimha in my room to start on a sentimental note, and joined Arun and Bhasky in visiting the PGP office for some minor work.
Later, we started the photo session trying to save the beauty of our college in the digital world. We took photos in the academic block, the MDP block, and from the water tower, which is the tallest point of IIM Indore. The sunset was gorgeous and I only hope we have done atleast a little bit of justice to this beauty in the snaps. Will upload some of them tomorrow.
And yes, today also had some usual(!) events like a quiz, a party, and a movie Cameback inbetween the party as I feel the parties to be monotonous. Didn't watch the entire movie (Vaali-Tamil) either as I didn't like it.


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