Friday, January 28, 2005


There are times when you feel happy even after loosing. I'm currently in one of those times after participating in the game of JAM conducted in our college.
I went to the prelims yesterday just to see what this game is all about. But the excitement exhibited by the first group of participants, and a small amount of persuasion from my friend Arun were too compelling for me to resist. So I ended on the other side of the table as one of the participants. My reserved character didn't permit me to start off straight away. But then, I gained enough ground in the latter half to qualify for the finals.
The final today was as exciting as the prelims yesterday. With each round having something different from the previous one, it was a laugh-a-minute episode. I did pretty decent except for being unable to open my mouth in the round where we had to praise one of our professors before speaking
Overall it was about enjoyment rather than winning or loosing. I came 4th in the event without any prizes. But I can vouch that I am in no way feeling bad. I spent couple of hours without thinking about the exam that's coming up on Monday. But it was thoroughly worth it.
Oh, I nearly missed it. The host of the show Ashwin deserves a special mention for the humorous way in which he conducted the whole show. Also, I am still not clear how Ajay managed to maintain the scores when someone or the other was gaining or loosing few points every second.


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Hye!! Cool blog of yours man...Nice to hear from you. Thanks for visiting.

Just that the article written was from a different person!! Though reality varies, could be just the work of one to change the myth about SOUTH in the eyes of a N Indian!!! Dunno why, but its the creativity that amused me and hence the post on my blog...

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