Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Jo Bole So Nihaal

Most news channels yesterday kept showing the news on the bomb blasts in Delhi. There were blasts in 2 theatres killing one person and injuring many more. What is creating excitement is the fact that both theatres were showing the movie "Jo bole so nihaal". So the thrust seems to have shifted from the actual bombing to the controversies in the movie. The title of the movie is a sikh war-cry that means "Whoever takes the name of God will be blessed". Using this religious phrase as the title of a movie has sparked angry responses from the sikh community. Personally, I don't feel the Sikh would be angered enough to bomb the theatres. My thoughts have been confirmed by the press statement by the Delhi Police Commissioner Mr.Paul that the blasts were not due to the screening of the film (Source) But then, the news channels don't seem to be ready to leave a prospective story, and the emphasis is still on the movie rather than on the blasts as such.
According to the Washington Times, the movie showing has been halted by the police as they claim that the security of the moviegoers is at stake. Even otherwise, the attack on the psychology of the public has been made and not many would be willing to sit in the theatres for this movie now. Though there seems to be not much of a connection between the movie and the blasts, the poor producer is going to suffer the burns.


Blogger Akshay said...

Hopefully the smart guys who have bombed with the plan will not get away in this confusion..

24 May, 2005 15:45  
Blogger Govar said...

I had a different feeling. That the movie would be re-released after sometime and wouuld enjoy the new found fame. Remember Fire?

26 May, 2005 03:26  
Anonymous shilPi said...

Though i am not sure, i do not fully agree with you that there is NO correlation between the screening of the movie and the bomb blasts. Did u follow the news of 'roadshows and all' in cities
of punjab to ban the movie.Despite all that 'hungama', the movie was not banned. Bomblast is an extreme
reaction, but does not sound that
improbable. Moreover, having bomblast in two theatres, both
playing the same movie and that too after all this controversy with the movie, seems too much to be a coincidence

30 May, 2005 05:49  

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