Thursday, April 28, 2005

Capital Punishment

The six men involved in the attack of the American center in Kolkata have been given death sentence. That reminds me of the discussions few years back on the correctness of imposing capital punishment. There were people who argued that death sentence is against morality and should be abolished. Thinking about it, all religions preach peace and are totally against taking lives. To my knowledge it is even part of the 10 commandments. So is this extreme form of punishment right? I, for one, believe that it is not wrong to hang a person when the lives of many will be saved by it. But looking at the other side of things does give a good point for discussion.
Countries like France, Italy and Spain have abolished human execution. There is a rumour that homicides are comparatively less in these countries than those where execution is still followed. Capital punishment was removed from the US legal systems for some time because hanging was considered brutal. The punishment came back with the introduction of lethal injections. I am not sure how non-brutal this is.
There is also the argument that hate grows hate and capital punishment creates more murderers. I don't know how it does, but it seems to be a fact that capital punishment is not acting as a deterrent to murders. There have been lot many movies where the villain says, "There is no extra punishment for the second murder". True, there will be no more an incentive to return to sanity. But when you hear incidents like a teen girl being raped by a policeman, or a massacre done by a group, do you really feel like giving them another chance?


Blogger Ram said...

whatever it is, i think taking a life is really extreme and is not needed...i think only someone who has had really bad personal experiences can approve of it with all his heart...

28 April, 2005 14:12  
Blogger Akshay said...


I tend to agree with you completely. I am not sure if life imprisonment is better or execution for once. Its a sad thing that some people will not change even if you give a second chance. As you say y do we need to give a second chance and jeopardize the lifes of other innocent folks.

28 April, 2005 19:28  

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