Friday, April 29, 2005

Next Role- Spiderman

The news is that I'll be attending an induction program from next week for three weeks. It feels a bit weird to be inducted into the company after working here for a month. Anyways, it's good to know that I'll not be required to work for the next few weeks
This is the time for me to built a network with the others who will join this company on Monday. The contact network that a person develops plays a huge part in his/her success in a company. For MBAs it makes even more sense to know someone in each department and get to know what each department is upto. Lets see as to how much distance I can spread my webbing to.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yappa.. dheiyvamae... networking -> webbing -> spiderman aa?? indha maari panna.. irukkaravanga vittu ooodiduvaanga.. appuram unmayavae spiderman web vechi dhaan avangala pudikkanum..


29 April, 2005 08:27  
Anonymous Chandoo said...

how true!. I always feel that networking is the only thing in mba that is not global or msofficed.

05 May, 2005 03:25  

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