Monday, May 09, 2005

Proactive Risks

I have read somewhere that managers might be reactive but leaders should always be proactive. We hear something similar being said so often during cricket matches when a captain changes the field after a boundary or a possible chance. Being proactive has a lot of advantages and a bit of risk as well. Proactive work is based on certain assumptions or expectations. In cricket, it is the prediction that the batsman will play in a certain way, the catch will come in certain locations of the ground etc. In careers, it is the prediction/ expectation that a particular domain like telecom, retail etc will have a brighter future. If any of the basic assumptions behind the decision to be proactive fails, the result could be disastrous.
These are my thoughts when I read about the government's investment in a Tsunami prediction system. The government has ofcourse been reactive in deciding to have the system. A Tsunami has already claimed the lives of so many people. But, better late than never. It is nice to see that we are coming out of our ignorant self and venturing into new ideas. But what troubles me is the prediction part that I discussed before. What if the Tsunami prediction system gives a false alarm? There will be chaos with people trying to get out of the seaside areas. This might result in stampeding, loss of property, and mental tension and anxiety to all. To avoid these, the government should emphasize on a system based on the latest available technology. Money should play no part in deciding on the system. If we go for a cheaper system now, the expenses later on would more than compensate for the gains today. Hope the government takes it's time and channels it's efforts on the right side.


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Your analysis on a false alarm is very true. I guess to avoid such things one solution could be to educate people as to what needs to be done when an alarm goes off. I am sure an alarm will be such that the time between an alarm and a disaster will be good enough for proper evacuation. But yes as you mention a very robust system needs to be installed and politicians shouldnt be greedy and jeopardize the lives of several million innocent citizens.

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