Thursday, May 26, 2005

Power Saved is Power Produced

When I was a child, Doordarshan used to broadcast lots of advertisements aimed at increasing the public's awareness on saving electricity. I don't know if they still show those ads, but the current scenario seems to be demanding something of the sort. The power shortage in Mumbai is no secret. I see the electricity supply being cut for some time every now and then. People curse when they don't get current, and start wasting it once they get it. I don't understand why people don't want to save electricity. In the apartment that I live in, I have noticed so many flats where the lights keep glowing even when the door is locked from outside. Even some of my roomies have the habit of not switching-off fans and lights while moving out of a room. Can't people feel the shortage even when they are made to climb many floors because the lift is switched off to save power?
The politicians once again make the public's mistakes look microscopic. Imagine this, in the state where there is serious power shortage, the energy minister has 10 ACs in his house and his monthly bill runs at around Rs.30,000!!! (Ref: Indian Express). In most cases I see people wasting power when they are not paying for it. Many flats in my apartment are company-rented and so the people staying-in don't care about the power consumption. And ofcourse the ministers don't pay for their usage.
There are 2 problems now. One is that the cost of the power wasted by these people has to be born by the "aam junta". Second is that, even if we are ready to pay, we do not have enough power to satisfy our needs.
Maybe our TV channels should broadcast the effects of the power blackout in Moscow repeatedly on our channels. The hospital tragedies, the chemical factory explosion, the traffic jams etc might bring some fear into our countrymen's minds.


Blogger Ram said...

I am gonna have problems big time when i come back to India!! :-s

27 May, 2005 12:15  
Blogger Heidi Kris said...

The practice of switching of lights and fans and conserving water, all these should be inculcated from the childhood. Guess schools can play some role in teaching the students about this.

29 May, 2005 14:30  

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