Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The American Gas Connection!!!

It is not always that we see India and Pakistan getting together in a mammoth business deal. What would be more rare to see is the USA keeping quiet when others mind their own matters.

Just when the gas pipeline from Iran to India through Pakistan seemed to be working-out perfectly, USA has entered in-between stating that the project violates the Iran And Libya Sanctions Act Of 1996. This act orders that no country should have a business deal with Iran for more than $20 million in certain goods. The reason given is that Iran might use this money to spread terrorism. First, I don't understand whom USA is to order all other countries. Second, why would a country that is suffering from all sorts of problems invest its money in spreading terrorism outside?

The current deal is worth about $22 Million and has made the US raise concerns. India will anyways continue with the deal, but Pakistan seems to be worried about loosing its financial aid from the USA. I guess Pakistan will also go with the deal considering that the deal gets Pakistan,
a) about $600 Million per year
b) permission to import $1 Billion worth of gas every year
c) better infrastructure
d) better relations with India

What will be USA's next move under these circumstances?


Blogger Vetty Max said...

From time to time US will keep leaving arikkais like this, take it in one year and leave it from the other(intha kaathula vaangi antha kaathula vella vittudanom) should be our policy.

15 June, 2005 07:50  
Blogger Arvind said...

they'll just wage another useless war da ..

thats the only thing they know ..

15 June, 2005 10:28  
Blogger Arvind said...

and i wonder if pakistan is that keen abt the last point

some section of the ppl are just not capable of thinking good .. ppl who dont condemn destruction of buddha's statues .. atleast for the artistic value it has .. can never think peace.

peace has to be forcefully thrust upon them .. :-)

15 June, 2005 10:32  
Blogger Jammy said...

Yep, that's what we are doing now

I don't think USA can/will wage a war against India or Pakistan.
Peace by force? That's something I can't agree with.

16 June, 2005 00:13  
Blogger Arvind said...

hey .. the wars will not be the tankers and war planes kind da .. just pull funds .. and if the US puts a few sanctions .. aus,uk and jap will follow suite ..which will affect our growth to a greater extent.

good that our stocks are not that dependent on FII these days .. when they sell the points do fall .. but not to such a great extent as it used to.

anyways .. from todays paper Bush has been asked to rethink abt sale of F16s to pak .. thats a good direction to proceed .. i think but for bush .. rest in the congress think before promising :-P

imagine o ur neighbour .. with an unruly govt stocking missile carrying war planes ..

US hasnt been that prudent on selling planes to the middle east


... I used to get scolding for talking without subject matter. Now I'm being paid for the same ;)

was real good man lol ..

16 June, 2005 01:03  
Blogger Heidi Kris said...

ooru rendu pata kuthadi ki kondatamam!!

16 June, 2005 11:53  
Blogger Jam said...

It's quite funny how the US finds its way into bi-lateral agreements between countries which are located half-way across the world.

I guess it's part of their culture to play the 'caring big-brother' all the time, even if we don't want one.

BTW, blog updated, and I also don't have your official mail ID. Mail it across.


17 June, 2005 01:34  

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