Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Justice Served?

The notorious Bofors case has been finally put to rest. It has taken the legal authorities about 17 years to take a stand on the issue. A whopping Rs.2.5 Billion has been spent on the case against the alleged cheating of about Rs.640 Million. To begin with, does it make any sense to spend 3.75 times the money in question to find out whether there was actually a fraud? It might, if the prime aim would have been to bring justice to the front. But it seems to be only a case of filling a hole with sand without knowing the depth of the hole. The startling facts in the case are more than the money in question. Why did it take the court 14 years to identify that there was no proof to allege the accused? One of the accused, the former Prime Minister Mr.Rajiv Gandhi, died some 14 years back. Now he is posthumously cleared of the charges. I'm not sure if I should feel sorry for him or laugh at the happenings.
With the Hindujas, Rajiv Gandhi and AB Bofors having been cleared, only the Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi remains accused. But then the CBI has failed to extradite him.
I wanted to say that even if it has been late (and expensive), atleast justice is served. But then, is it?


Blogger Vetty Max said...

I am not sure if justice is served. The reason given by the High Court for quashing the case was lack of evidence. The evidence provided was xerox copies and so the court did not allow it as evidence. So its acquittal for lack of evidence and not evidence proving to be contrary to the CBI claim.

01 June, 2005 07:57  
Blogger ada-paavi!!!! said...

i said that considering th number of useless PIL's filed in india. medha pathkar worked for about 6-7 years before she was recognised. and here political parties are filing cases for movie names to be changed, they just want attention and their 15 minutes of fame, i made that statement out of total disgust for the entire system. it was never my intention to seek attention

02 June, 2005 05:22  
Blogger ada-paavi!!!! said...

i would disagree, what justice has been done? the case being political in nature (accused are politicians or close to them)means that we will never know the truth, to save rajiv's face, the congress might have cleared him, hindujas also being close to congress have bee cleared. this case point to all that is wrong with the indian justice system

cases take too long
too much political interference

even if 3 times the money had been spent if there was a convictoin a strong one that too, then there would be sense on spendint the money, it will be an example, so that in future such incidents dont happen (hoping for too much, am i?) but now its a totalk waste of money.

02 June, 2005 05:26  
Blogger Jammy said...

Vetty and Vatsan,
Notice the question mark after "justice served" in the title. I didn't say that justice has been served.
Also, the last paragraph has a pun if u guys didn't notice. Read that again.

02 June, 2005 05:36  

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