Friday, June 17, 2005

Faceless Friends

I've lost contact with all my school friends. Frankly, I don't even remember most of their faces now. Though it feels quite bad, this post is not about them :D This post is about the many people whom I've met in the Internet world and made friends with.

It was in the second year of my stint at a b-school that I gave a serious thought to chatting in the virtual world. It was the same time when I entered the networking site called Orkut. After meeting some guys and gals in orkut who shared common interests with me, we shifted our discussions to the yahoo messenger. With so many hours of discussion every week on baseless topics, I can now say that I know some of them better than what I know of my college-mates and colleagues. Think about it, friendships lasting over a year without actually meeting any of them in the physical world. Ofcourse most of them have met each other except for yours truely. Most of these people are in Chennai and Bangalore and I happened to wane away my time in Indore and Mumbai over the past year. Even when I was in Bangalore or Chennai I couldn't manage to meet any of them. Time crunch or laziness? I can't know for sure. But the fun of remaining virtual continues.

The marriage of one of these friends is coming up, and I am sure that I will not be able to make it to Chennai on the occasion. I fell quite bad at missing her wedding. After her marriage she will move to Bermuda and settle there and be permanently virtual to me. I hope atleast the other fellas can make it to her wedding and have a galla time. Hope to meet the rest sometime in the future.


Blogger Govar said...

if you are speaking abt bloggers as well, there are bombay bloggers meet happening regularly. Check those ut.

17 June, 2005 03:47  
Blogger Vetty Max said...

Yup Jammy...the yahoo confs did rock.

I too will not be able to make it to the marriage. :(( Ofcourse I hope to meet some of them surely before I get into a job and hope to meet you too in person soon.

17 June, 2005 05:48  
Blogger Jammy said...

I didn't know that. Actually I don't know anyone from the Mumbai bloggers gang.

Both of us not being able to make it..... the perils of management education?

17 June, 2005 05:53  
Blogger Ram said...

someone from school whom u met through orkut unique, aint I? ;) we'll :P

17 June, 2005 11:02  
Blogger ioiio said...

I was never a great fan of orkut.. But I chat with fellow bloggers and there is a sense of comfort that is common only among really close friends!!!

17 June, 2005 18:47  
Blogger Akshay said...

to me also as you have said once they are all text and paper hopefully we meet in december. probably thats a good time for you also to come home to bangalore ;)

18 June, 2005 01:30  
Blogger Jam said...

Hey Jammy Raamar,

At least technology has improved to such an extent where most friends are only a mouse-click away. Just imagine our parents who probably lost touch with most of their school/college friends simply coz they didn't have the means to communicate with them at all.


18 June, 2005 01:33  
Blogger Jammy said...

yep, u r unique..... like every other person in this world :))
Jokes apart, surely it is very nice to have met a person from the same school after so many years. Hope to meet u when u come to India

My orkut friends became my close friends :)

I'll be going home once in August for AavaniAvittam and once in November for Deepawali. So I'm not sure of making it in Dec. Let me keep my fingers crossed.

Completely agree

18 June, 2005 04:54  
Blogger Heidi Kris said...

Ram >:D< Really missing u in the confs and at orkut threads. Hope ur company policy is changed and u r able to use yahoo and orkut again :)

U r not jus text friend for me.. hehe i have talked with u once :)
May be plan ur time when u come to chennai so that we can meet.

And absoulutely true. Few of the Orkut and Yahoo chat friends are my closest friends now :)

18 June, 2005 15:23  
Blogger Jammy said...

@ Heidi
I too miss the confs and orkut. Company policy change aagaathu, company venumna change aagalaam :))
As of now I have no plans to come to Chennai:( But surprises are now a part and parcel of life.

20 June, 2005 00:52  

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