Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Mastering Globality!!!

For all those who think that a b-school is only about getting a brand name behind you.... Believe me, B-schools change you so much that you forget the normal way of living and thinking.

Below are some of the comments that came from our group while watching the movie Sehar. Mind you, it was a serious movie, and a good one at that.

From Movie (FM): A police guy says, "The culprit is getting many youth to join his gang. He has also outsourced some of his work"
J: Outsourced? We should ask him if he needs an outsourcing consultant or, may be, the frameworks that I've developed

FM: Policeman asks, "What does the don offer that makes the college students join him?"
J: Onsite opportunity?

FM: The Don wonderfully convinces a college grad to join his group
J: Wow! Man he should join our HR department. We would easily achieve our man-power target

FM: A guy says something that is difficult to decipher
R: Global, global. Which b-school is this guy from?

FM: "The criminals were using cell phones to communicate. In 1997, cell phones were a mystery to us, the police department"
Us: Now we know who the preferred employer for high-tech jobs would be. Would they be participating in the best employer survey?

FM: The policemen get a university prof to help them solve the cell phone mystery
J: External consultant!!!

FM: The prof works late nights
J: Night shift!!! Hope the guy gets paid on an hourly basis. If it were a fixed-bid, he is on the loosing end.

FM: The prof goes to the scene of crime along with the policemen
J: Now that's what I call a real onsite

After the movie, a friend commented "The movie was good. It gave good ROI"!!!

Now, would we be conversing this way if we weren't from b-schools? Still sceptical? Read further

J: "I'm going home on vacation and am thinking on what to buy for my mom from here"
K: "That's a tough question. Why don't you send a mail to our analyst group? They are supposed to answer all queries"
J: "So what do I say? That I need suggestions for gift to my Mom?"
K: "In this situation your mother is your client. So you should say that you are going to meet a client soon and that you need recommendations on how to impress the client. Also add that you will be going to the client's site for a week or so"

Disclaimer: Just chill chill, just chill



Blogger Vetty Max said...

After all isn't abuse of jargon our core competence?

03 August, 2005 10:00  
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03 August, 2005 23:35  
Blogger Sandeep Khemka said...

thank urself for not being in consulting...the blog wld have been endless:)

20 November, 2006 06:43  

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