Friday, July 15, 2005


It was shocking to know that one of the suspects in the London blasts case is a primary school teaching assistant. The news channels yesterday telecasted the parents of the students expressing their disbelief in getting to know that the nice man they knew is suspected for the blasts. Their shocked faces made me wonder if Khan might not be the real culprit. But then, if he is really the mastermind behind the blasts then he would have definitely been good enough to convince a few nice people that he meant no harm.

I started expressing my views to a friend saying, "The main suspect behind the London blasts is a Pakistani school...". I was stopped short by my friend's comment, "Pakistanies are always like this". I have heard similar opinions from quite a few persons and am left wondering why people generalize so much. My opinion is that it was a single person's mistake and the blame should not be passed on to a whole sect. Khan, the suspect, is a British born person with his roots in Pakistan. Think about it, how much would Pakistan have influenced someone who was born and brought-up in another part of the world?


Blogger Vetty Max said...

I suppose generalising comes naturally to men.

And the people in power are also not doing anything to alleviate fears that all Muslims are terrorists. They just seem happy to add more fuel to the already burning fear.

Actually I have serious doubts over claims that it was Al-Qaeda who was responsible. No conclusive proof other than some gibberish said by Osama has been shown to the public so far.

15 July, 2005 04:10  
Blogger Govar said...

Generalization is good and bad. It we consider this as just as an isolated incident, we might not put Pakistan under the microscope at all. And theree IS enough evidence that those guys went to Pakistan in the recent past and havee become very 'religious;.
But then, sayng Pakistanis are always like this is immature and kiddish.

16 July, 2005 12:58  
Blogger Ram said...

All generalizations are ridiculous unless scientifically supported but they keep happening and are unavoidable. Keeping the generalizations to a minimum is what will serve an individual the best is my take.

16 July, 2005 20:22  
Blogger Vinesh said...

I agree with you.
Individuals should be judged purely according to their behavior and not their background.

17 July, 2005 10:32  
Blogger Jammy said...

@ All
Nice and diverse view points. Guess there is conclusion ;)

18 July, 2005 02:06  

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