Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Liar Liar - A Story

My first attempt at a short story....

Shyam limped to his seat talking to himself, "Darn this muscle pull. It pains like hell and the only prescription from the doctor is to take rest. That's the last thing I can do now". Right then Somu entered Shyam's cabin with a worried face. Shyam pointed to the sheets of paper lying in front of him and asked,
"What is this Somu? Why did you consciously under-estimate the project efforts?"
"Sir... we had to show them low costs to get the project".
"You lied Somu"
"The situation was..."
"SITUATIONS KEEP COMING", shouted Shyam, his leg was paining more than before. "No one lies for fun. It is all because of situations and dilemmas. They are still no reason for lying. You know what; all liars should be burnt alive"

Shyam felt the vibrations of his mobile phone in his pocket. Checking the caller's number he signaled to Somu to wait for a minute.
"Mom, shall I call you back after an hour or so?"
"No need Shyam. Just called to check if you are alright. Hope everything is fine"
Shyam remembered the plight of his mother when he told her the last time that he was not feeling well. He pressed his hand over his legs to resist the pain and replied, "I'm fine Mom... am doing really well. I'll call you later. Bye"

"Now, where were we?” Shyam asked Somu.
The reply was, "We were at burning all liars"



Anonymous Anonymous said...

cute lil story :)


13 July, 2005 05:24  
Blogger Ravi said...

the story was quite insightful.

lying has become so much a part of our lives that we donot realise how much we lie.

actually i thought the story could have gone further when Shyam would continue saying that liars should be burnt inspite of Somu's subtle attempt to show Shyam's hypocracy

13 July, 2005 08:06  
Blogger Vetty Max said...

Jammy my opinion is that if a lie makes someone happier, there is nothing wrong in lying. This "happier" is surely a very subjective one though.

Thought provoking story.

13 July, 2005 09:38  
Blogger Heidi Kris said...

Good one Ram :)

I think what K7 says is right.

13 July, 2005 14:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jammy Rammy..
have you read any of Ammani's stories ?? http://jikku.blogspot.com/
could give you some more inspiration!!

Joey Bhasky

13 July, 2005 16:54  
Blogger Akshay said...


Nice little story with that always accompanying ;) touch with that subtle humor.

Good One !

14 July, 2005 00:38  
Blogger Jammy said...


I wouldn't term Shyam as Hypocrat. His lie is not going to hurt anyone. On the contrary it is going to make his mom feel good.
Though "good lie" sounds like an oxymoron, I don't know how else to term it.
Anyways, let me not close the story by giving a morale. It is open-ended - open to discussion and views.

Completely agree


@Joey Bhasky
Yes, Ammani's stories were an inspiration. An even bigger inspiration was my muscle pull last week, the subsequent limping to office, lying to my mom and reading about my values in our yearbook . Ram/Shyam - get it? ;)

14 July, 2005 00:53  
Blogger Jammy said...


14 July, 2005 00:56  
Anonymous kedar said...

nice story dude...raising a dilemma between plain lying and safe lying...the dilemma being where does one draw a line...

14 July, 2005 01:19  
Anonymous guile said...

nice, comfy place you got here :)..

14 July, 2005 05:35  
Blogger Ram said...

good try Jam...=d>

14 July, 2005 13:44  
Blogger Jammy said...

@ Kedar, Guile and M.E.

15 July, 2005 01:39  
Anonymous Rohit said...

Nice story Ram:)

26 July, 2005 03:14  

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