Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Once at the top...

From the confusions of beginning a career, let's move on to the end of it. Where do big shots go after their successful stints with huge brand names? I've always felt that successful people will spend their lives in the companies where they have achieved whatever they have, and then move onto a posh retirement. But as it seems, these people need more challenges in life.

Look at the recent past and you'll find so many CxOs quitting their high profile companies. The immediate ones I can recollect are Raman Roy, former head of Wipro Spectramind, Vivek Paul, Vice-President and Chairman of Wipro Technologies, and Basab Pradhan, Infosys' global sales head. CIOL even reports that 8 senior executives, including 4 AVPs of Infy, put in their papers within 24 hours of Mr.Pradhan's exit.
I was especially surprised when 2 big names quit Wipro in closer intervals. When I enquired with a friend working there he replied that these things keep happening, but the leadership line so strong that they don't matter much.

Coming back to the topic, what do these guys do now? Vivek Paul is with Texas Pacific Group, a global private equity firm. Raman Roy is expected to start his own BPO or join a small BPO which provides him more challenges. Basab Pradhan is also supposed to open his own venture,
So, is it all challenge that one wants or is it a hunt for more money? Either way, when does this desire satiate? Of all things, why don't these people just stay on top of their original firm and try moving it to higher levels?


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