Friday, March 04, 2005

The Chennai Trip

Guess it's been the longest break that I've given to this blog since the time it began. So, what should I blame this break on? Oh yes! the system that I was using in Chennai wasn't able to open certain websites, and was unfortunately one of them. No lies. The blog that I wrote in Chennai, but couldn't post here is as below.

1st March 2005
Ah! Back to dear old Chennai again. Hmmm, this statement is true in more than the literal sense. Chennai is still the same old place that I left couple of years back. Nothing much has changed. Same old buildings, same bad roads (atleast the ones I traversed through), same people.... Chennai is the same blend of tradition and modernization, and I like it that way.
I paid a visit to the company that I had been working for when I was here before. They have expanded to another building and increased the number of functionalities, but the outlook still remains the same. It was really nice to meet all my ex-colleagues. Actually, I prefer to call them 'friends' rather than 'colleagues'. They are the same cheerful and happy-go-lucky bunch of people who make you feel happy with every minute that you spend with them. Guess it would take another couple of years for me to meet them again.

I have been lucky in having really good friends in every phase of life. Hope I continue to be in contact with them, and hope to make more friends as I enter new pastures.


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