Thursday, March 17, 2005

Grand Finale

For one last time I'm going to meet all my college-mates at the same time. Its convocation time. The time when the efforts of the past 2 years would be rewarded with a single sheet, the diploma.
One of our professors once gave us a poem called "Itaka". It’s about how we strive to reach a destination very hard, and in the end find that the journey is what matters more than the destination itself. Throughout the journey we keep learning new things and grow rich in experience. All these experiences would help us enjoy the goodness that lies at the destination. Our current state is the same. We have learnt so much in the journey towards this day. Now that we have reached it, we have found that the efforts to reach here were the real take-away. The glamour of receiving the title of PGDM has lost its glitter. We are already rich with the knowledge that the college and professors had to offer us. I guess the ceremony will only be a place of rendezvous.
The convocation also signals the end of my academic career that has stretched more than what I had imagined. This time, I leave the academic scene in a better mode. The last time, when I came out of an engineering college, I used to get nightmares about exams. Now that's all history. I know that true learning is in knowing things, and not in performing in an exam. This has presented a new face to whole learning process to me. I now know that my academic endeavor is ending, but the quest for knowledge will continue throughout life.

Next blog will be from Indore!!!


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