Friday, March 11, 2005

Marching Ahead

Tomorrow is the 75th anniversary of the historic Dandi march. Every Indian would know of the significance of the march that was led by Mahatma Gandhi. It was one of those events that sent the message across that the Indians will not subdue to the meaningless laws passed by the British government that was ruling India then. Coming back to the present day, I wonder how meaningful are the marches undertaken by the current bunch of people. Walks and rallies for "World Peace" happen every now and then in some part of the world. I am confused, to say the least, as to how these marches help establish world peace. May be they show that a good number of people are interested in the issue. But then, is that enough? The Dandi march started off with 78 people from the Sabarmati Ashram. But numerous people joined as Gandhiji addressed huge crowds en-route to Dandi. The 25 day march communicated the underlying message to everyone. But today's marches make news only on the day they start, and maybe on the day they end. How many of us even remember any of them, leave alone the reason why they were undertaken?
Thinking about it, I too participated in a march during my school days. The teachers instructed us to walk along the marina beach for a few kilometers. I remember that it was fun idling along the beach road. But for the meaning..... we didn't even ask for it


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