Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Ideal Blog?

Think about it. What should a blog ideally contain?
Should the blog be -
1) an information-disseminating centre?
2) an online diary of a person?
3) an exhibition of the blogger's writing skills?
4) a place with light readings to refresh tired minds?

Maybe you people can tell me as to which one you would prefer.

My guess is that most people would say that the blog should contain the blogger's thoughts/ insights on anything under the sun. But that's too global. The question to be addressed is, "What is it under the sun that the blogger should write about?"
When I started this blog I used to write only poems. Then some of my readers opined that poems should be interspersed with prose to make them better readings. As a true student of CRM (Customer Relationship Management), I catered to my readers' requirement and starting writing prose. I wrote generally about college life and a bit of my personal life. Feeling that it was getting personal, I started writing about my viewpoints on some of the events happening around. That was the time when I received he least comments in my blog. May be I was commenting on things that my readers couldn't comment on Currently I am not sure what I am writing on - I just write anything that I can think of at the moment I start writing. So, what should an ideal blog really be?


Blogger Vetty Max said...

Jammy, just write what you want.

People who currently read your blog will surely read whatever you write.

21 April, 2005 06:21  
Blogger Govar said...

I've thought about all these several times myself and afaik this is what I concluded: Directly depends on what you want to achieve. If its readership that matters, blogs have to be either light types or of controversial types. If its a record of life for yourself, well, you'd find less readers, as far as my experience goes. Same goes with exhibition of writing skills. If it gets too verbose, its boring.... just my 2 pence. :)

21 April, 2005 07:30  
Blogger Akshay said...


Blogging for me is writing anything that i feel like my post today and tomorrow will be totally uncorrelative. I guess your blog is the way it should be and u should stick to writing what u like. We like reading it!

@ Govar

I agree that it becomes boring when its too verbose.

21 April, 2005 13:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just keep writing and go with the flow of life :)


24 April, 2005 00:35  

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