Monday, April 18, 2005

Mumbai safar and suffering ;)

Just the other day I had written about loneliness, and that's something I didn't get to feel the whole weekend. I took a little bit of initiative and arranged for a meeting of my classmates who are currently in Mumbai. When I met them on Saturday evening they looked shocked and asked "yeh kya haal bana rakka he?", "kuch lethe kyon nehi?". No, I did not go in any weird attire. It was just the tiredness of the whole day that was showing on me. If you are thinking that I would have been tired of working, then you are wrong again. Imagine a tortoise coil revolving in front of you err... I mean, I'll take you to the flashback of the happenings of the earlier half of Saturday.
I had no plans for Saturday morning till some of my friends (college juniors) called me out. I joined in their plans for roaming around in the city. We split into 2 auto-rickshaws in the Bandra station and decided to meet in the "Linking road". Then started the "hide and seek" game. Actually, it was more like a "lost and found" game After roaming around the Linking road trying in vain to find the other group we entered a Benetton showroom and asked the other group to come to that place. The other group and few other friends arrived just in time for us to leave the showroom gracefully. The showroom employees might have shown us the way out if we had stayed for a few more minutes
After the not-so-great trip to Bandra, I met my classmates in Marine lines to receive the responses stated earlier (yes, the flashback is over). This time the group had some Mumbai-ites making things far simpler. They took us to "The Gateway of India" and then to a movie. "Hitch" is a very humorous movie and it made sure that the day ended with happiness for me.



Anonymous Chandoo said...

wow.. so you are rocking bombay... ;) ?
will catch up with you this weekend for sure... that is if you donot have any other lost and found plans :)

19 April, 2005 03:26  

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