Tuesday, June 21, 2005

House Hunting in Mumbai

It's that time of the year when my company should have started contemplating about throwing me out of the company apartment. Well, it's not entirely their fault. I've already been in this apartment for 2.5 months, though it was promised to me for just 2 months. From what I hear, I can continue in this apartment for few more months by paying rent. Though this presents a good option given the fact that the company apartment is fully furnished including TV, Fridge etc., I would prefer to leave the place before they ask me to do so (and save on the tax on my HRA). Hence started the house-for-rent hunting spree.

Last weekend I checked-out few houses in Andheri, the place that's close to my office. But what is this? All the houses are way too old and way too small. I have never lived in a small place, that is, if we wouldn't include my college hostel room into the discussion. Also, Andheri isn't what I would term economical.

While travelling back to the apartment, I took a new route in which I got to enjoy the natural beauty of the stretch between Borivalli and Thane. The greenery, the mountains and the clouds were too captivating for me to realize that I had reached my destination. One thing I realized then was that the place I stay in Thane is the first sign of civilization in the route!!! In other words, after the building in which I live and couple of more buildings there is nothing but jungle. Interesting! Why not look out for a house in this place itself that is so close to nature and so far from office (read as 'so cheap')?

A quick lookout showed that only one 1BHK is free in the society and that too is unfurnished. I might not have done a proper introspection of myself before, but I atleast know that I'm not that active to get an unfurnished house and buy things starting from chairs, bed, vessels and the like. I'm currently in the process of collecting phone numbers of house brokers and contacting them. Hopefully I'll get to shift to the new house by the end of this month. Or maybe the lackadaisical aspect of my personality would make me stay in the company apartment till things start affecting the dignity-oriented aspect of my personality


Blogger Thrivikraman said...

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21 June, 2005 04:51  
Blogger Thrivikraman said...

Hey Jammy! My big bro has been in mumbai for quite some time ( 2 or 3 yrs by now) and he jus now got his own house, donno the places but can ask him to help u find a gud house, if u indeed need some help :)

21 June, 2005 04:53  
Blogger idli ideas said...

happy hunting

21 June, 2005 11:40  
Blogger Ram said...

kudiyum kudithanamumaa settle aaidu seekram :P

21 June, 2005 16:57  
Blogger Akshay said...

jammy man

njoi the hunt and hope it wont hurt the aspects you are talking about ;)

21 June, 2005 17:10  
Blogger Jammy said...

@Thiru Parth
Thanks. It is nice of you to volunteer to help.
I'll checkout a few houses myself and then come to you if required.

@Idli Ideas

Mumbaila irukkara varaikkum settle aaga mudiyaathuda. Ithellaame tharchamayathukku thaan.

Thanks man. I too hope so :)

22 June, 2005 01:05  
Anonymous Chandoo said...

jammy.. house hunt. God bless you witha 2bhk and a furnished one at that at cheap rent and no society fees and no obscene down payments and very near to both bus-stop and local station and yet peaceful :D
I know its a big IF, but you never know. there are ppl in bombay who are paying 30 rs per month for the plush house on marine drive :D

22 June, 2005 02:12  
Blogger ioiio said...

Believe me..

All my worst experiences have been while hunting for houses..

SO good luck!

23 June, 2005 14:16  

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