Friday, June 24, 2005

Newspaper ('s) Stand

Few weeks back I filled a questionnaire for DNA (Daily News and Analysis). As they claim, their newspaper is being made by the public, and that's why they perform so many surveys. The questionnaire asked if a newspaper should take a stand on issues. They asked the same question in so many varieties at different places of the questionnaire that I felt that they are more inclined towards taking a stand. In the results of the survey they have said that 79% of people want newspapers to give their take on issues. A much expected result, and something that shows that I am in the minority bunch of people.
I have always felt that newspapers should provide news as such and let people take their own stance. If someone is really interested, then there is always the editorial section for views. But then, newspapers and even TV channels haven't exactly been neutral. Some papers are known to support certain political parties and some of the TV channels like Sun TV and Jaya TV do give it in their name itself. I am not even able to trust the news from the TV channels. Should this state arise with the newspapers as well?


Blogger Crew Koos said...

This looks good
Congratulations !!

24 June, 2005 04:52  
Blogger Heidi Kris said...

Ram epo varaikum in our country oru opposition party even for a very good policy ada kevalama criticise pani and ada execute pana vidama pandralo apo varaikum nothing can improve.
One simple example, Jaya TV la edavadu oru acheivement pathi sona naka ada evalo kevalama critisize panamudiyumo avalo kevalama oru news will be telecasted in Sun TV.
Ipadi irukara varaikum nothing in our country will urupatufy.

hehe ram anda company engayavadhu newspaper stand vikara companya irukporadhu ;) :P

24 June, 2005 05:39  
Blogger Ravi said...

Your point is entirely valid. You donot find any newspaper or TV channel that is neutral. However they always claim that they are neutral.

But don't you think it is then better that DNA has clarified right in the beginning itself that it will take stand on issues. At least we know what we are getting into.

24 June, 2005 09:09  
Blogger Ram said...

Newspapers shud take a stand...that's my take...simply cos i am not gifted enough to analyze a news i get on my own...what i can do is read both sides of the argument and then take a stand of my own!

24 June, 2005 09:55  
Blogger Vetty Max said...

I have always been of the opinion that newspapers should surely take a stand on issues, and not be like a cat on the wall like the Hindu invariably does, and this is one of the reasons why I dislike the Hindu.

Obviously a newspaper should first report news and the editorial section should do the taking a stance part.

In an attempt to take a balanced view, I feel the newspaper somehow fails to address the issue as well as it would if it would if it took one side.

Ofcourse many issues are mostly black or white and taking a stance is very natural.

24 June, 2005 12:29  
Blogger ioiio said...

Well.. Most newspapers are biased.. But they align with different ppl at different times..

24 June, 2005 16:51  
Blogger Jammy said...

Yep, the fight between the channels is really pathetic.

Nice observation. Now we will not have wrong expectations from the paper.

If a newspaper gives both sides, then that is pretty good. But the problem is that they a stand in one particular side and reading them makes u feel that only that side is good.
Or, do u mean that u get 2 newspapers to get both points of view? ;) :P

I'm not sure if u r taking a stand in your argument. In other words, I'm not getting what u intend :(

Yes, but is that the way to be?

27 June, 2005 02:08  
Blogger ioiio said...

Thats a direct result of their close association with a lotta politicians.. Cant help it!!!

27 June, 2005 03:04  

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