Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Uneasy Money - Book Review

It's been enough time hearing about P.G.Wodehouse and not having read any of his novels. Though my friends advised me to take one of his novels that has "Jeeves" in the title, "Uneasy Money" was the only available Wodehouse novel in our library. So started my week with uneasy money

The story of the novel revolves around an English man who inherits $5 Million by the will of an eccentric person. The hero feels sorry for the two lone relatives of the eccentric person who are left with nothing. He goes to the US to settle things with them, not knowing that his life is going to change there.

Uneasy Money was an easy read with simple language and brief descriptions. I generally don't prefer reading long descriptions; so the novel suited me better. The base story is very thin and mostly predictable, but the author has narrated it very well. The novel also brings out some of the author's opinions about life, marriage, transformation from boyishness to manliness, people understanding their real wishes etc. Uneasy Money is sprinkled with good humour, but from I have heard of Wodehouse's humour, I guess I am yet to read one of his better novels. All in all it feels pretty good having read a novel that wasn't much taxing on the mind and still entertained me during my daily travelling time.

Next book in hand: "It's Not Luck" by Eliyahu Goldratt



Blogger Govar said...

PG Wodehouse... me read a couple.. found interesting, but certainly not captivating and wanting to read more. Forsyth does that to me. Guess my taste is differrent...

24 June, 2005 02:20  
Blogger Jammy said...

I too like Forsyth more (i.e., if I can compare with the single novel that I've read of each of them).

24 June, 2005 03:38  

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