Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Travelling? Excuse Me

There used to be a time when I loved travelling. Trains, flights and boats used to excite me. But now, it’s hard to say, but I'm tired of travelling. The past week was packed with mere moving around. After the 35+35 hours travel to and fro to Indore, I immediately left for a holy trip. It's not every day that my itinerary looks like this => Bangalore -> Tanjore -> Kumbakonam -> Oppiliyappan Kovil -> Thirunaageswaram -> Naachiyar Kovil -> Kumbakonam -> Chennai -> Guduvanchery -> Chennai -> Bangalore. Now, add to that the shift to Mumbai this weekend and I guess you would get the perfect recipe to develop an aversion to travelling.

Actually, it wasn't that bad. It's just the tiredness that is showing off. The trip to the temples was pretty good. The train was comfortable and the buses arrived on time. The Gods also helped by giving a fast Darshan. It was very satisfying to visit some very old temples that showered peace all around them. May be that's what helped me in holding my nerves when I had to wait for about 5 hours in a government office in Chennai for some personal work. The travel in a bus where it was difficult to fit my long legs within the space between the seats was also not that nice. Should I blame it on the space between the seats, or on the few extra inches of my leg? Believe me people, growing tall presents its own disadvantages. You can't stand in buses as your head keeps bumping into the hand-rails, and you can't sit as your feet wouldn't fit in the space provided. Hmmm, lots to write about being tall. I'll stop writing about it here and give it its share of importance with a separate blog entry. So all ya short people, do look out for the next blog. I do hope that I DON'T get to travel till then



Blogger Ram said...

lol...retrospects are always perfect...aren't they? u shud have given it a thought b4 u decided to grow tall! :P
PS: really jealous to know abt ur "holy trip".

30 March, 2005 14:31  
Blogger Govar said...

Aah! Such a trip in summer. I could imagine. :) But then, u didnt have a choice, did you? :)

31 March, 2005 03:11  
Blogger Jammy said...

Minimal ego,
A few disadvantages wounldnt take away the perks of being tall;)

Given the premium that time is demanding these days, I really had no choice.

31 March, 2005 07:40  
Blogger Ram said...

the perks being ? :P

31 March, 2005 12:06  
Blogger Jammy said...

Minimal Ego,
Perks r in the latest blog :)

01 April, 2005 03:06  

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