Thursday, March 24, 2005

What lies beyond

One of the statements made by the SBI chairman, the chief guest of our convocation was, "I would like to congratulate you. But this is not the time to congratulate. I would rather tell you of some difficulties". Even-though this might not be the exact statement that he made, I have more or less caught hold of the meaning, and this statement sums it all. Getting an MBA might seem to be the tough part for every CAT aspirant. But the real challenge is what lies beyond. I am not belittling getting this far. Yes, we should be happy about equipping ourselves with the knowledge to fight it out. But we have only got the armour, and the battle is yet to begin.
Anyways, it’s nice to be back to Bangalore. One more to the number of visits that I've made to this place. As always, my departure is planned before my arrival, and my stay is restricted to just about a week. Having lived most of life in Chennai, I have been roaming around like anything over the past couple of years - a change that I never expected.
Talking about Chennai reminds me of something else also. Yesterday was "World Water Day"!!! Well, couldn't resist mentioning it after the "Day-special" blogs that figured in this site last week.


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