Monday, April 11, 2005

Shy The Evil

The IIMs recently took the decision not to participate in the B-school surveys conducted by certain magazines. This is based on the fact that some of the magazines manipulate the ratings. In this regard I read the response of a reader in the "Business Standard". The reader has said that the IIMs have shown their arrogance by ignoring the ratings, and they should start participating again in the rankings. Either, this reader belongs to a second rung B-school, or, he does not know what he is talking about. Will you participate in a contest knowing that the results are manipulated? If yes, then my dear sir, you need a doctor.
People who notice these ratings carefully would be awed at the fact that some of the little known B-schools (?) make it above the well established B-schools, not just some of the IIMs. If you tend to contemplate that this could be the truth, then you might do well to ask the opinion of an MBA aspirant. Afterall, who better to vouch for the B-schools than the people who bet their lives over it? How many aspirants would dare to think beyond the IIMs if they get an IIM seat? No one dares; people just console with a second tier B-school once they fail to get into an IIM.
I recently heard about the head of a B-school that is always in front when it comes to questioning the IIM system. This person, as I heard it, was in the first batch to pass out of his dad's college in both graduation and post-graduation. Even he did his doctorate only after it was introduced in his dad's college!!! Now the guy is regarded as a management guru, thanks to the immense brand building that the people around him have done.
Maybe the IIMs must come out of their ignorance and post some questions back at the credentials of these people.

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Anonymous Chandoo said...

How true. :)
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