Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Settling with Marketing

Seems I'm settling down decently in Mumbai. I am getting used to the new routines here. Have been thinking about starting cooking. But then, I do think about a lot of things. The distance between thoughts and actions are sometimes pretty large. Maybe I should bridge the gap by starting off with cornflakes and noodles
Yesterday I got my second project in my new job. They asked me if I can work on 2 projects simultaneously, and I was too enthusiastic to say "no". This new project is pure marketing. In another unrelated incident (got influenced by watching too much of news channels), my juniors from college came yesterday with a certificate stating that I came first in a marketing contest @ IIM-I. Talk about coincidences!!!!
Or maybe I should talk about the irony. Afterall, I specialized in finance and systems!!!


Blogger Heidi Kris said...

Jammy Patni la poi patni kadakarayaa... ila "Pathni" ki routings aa :O!!! ;):P

The second qn courtesy ur sis lavan ":|"

12 April, 2005 13:57  
Blogger Jammy said...

Saapatukku panjamilla. Aanaa costly!!!
For the second question, aeithavaL engo irukka ambidam naan bathil koora mudiyaathu ;)

12 April, 2005 23:29  
Blogger Joey Tribbiani said...

ayyago... mei silirkkiradhu... pul arikkiradhu ;)


13 April, 2005 11:22  
Blogger Heidi Kris said...

Bhasky... sorinjukongo :P ;)

16 April, 2005 12:39  

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